Sunday, 26 June 2011

Introducing Desma and her menagerie - part b

Just over three years ago, a pregnant cattle dog came into a local shelter and stole the heart of a good friend of mine. The dog gave birth to six puppies and were lucky enough to be raised in the home of a fantastic dog trainer. My friend managed to convince me to adopt one of the puppies, a little red male stumpy tail cattle dog.

He is such a fun dog to work with and he is doing quite well in agility. He recently won the Western Australian State agility trial for his height class in novice agility and excellent jumping. In saying that, he keeps me well grounded as he can be quite the ratbag when he chooses!

Our latest furry addition is Mr Cat Fantastic, otherwise known as Gunny. This cat came to me through my contacts in the vet clinic. Bengals are  not your average breed of cat. If you want a noisy, cheeky, nosey ratbag of a cat, then Bengals are for you! They thrive on interaction and need plenty of mental stimulation. He fetches toys, he steals food he's on the counter more than he's off it, but he is so much fun.

So, that's us. Two pairs of human legs and five sets of four legs. Ahh, but that is only 24 legs I hear you say! Where is the other four legs? The answer to that is my two lovely hens. My crew and I get up to a variety of different antics, stop in every now and then and share in the fun!

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