Sunday, 11 September 2011

Letting dogs be dogs

I've been quite busy in the last few weeks, but we've still managed to squeeze in a little bit of "dog time".

Buddy, the Chihuahua, has had his time in the spotlight again and has gone back to his breeder. He was so happy to se her - it was so gorgeous! The Curtin film students for "Heart Donor" will be in post production now, so it'll be a little while before we can see Buddy on the screen again. At least, watching him on DVD!

Before he went back, my cousin and I did a short hike around Lion's Lookout in Kalamunda. I do love that walk. I expected to need to carry the short dog after a while, but Buddy stuck at my heels for the whole 6km walk - I was most impressed at his stamina.

Buddy and Joc
 It is such a beautiful walk in Spring, the weather and wildflowers make it a perfect place to be.

At certain points, you can see as far as the Perth city
Here's to finding great walks around Perth!

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jet said...

nice! will have to look that one up.... :)